Day 2017.12.15.Fri

Open 23:59
Start 23:59

Adv ¥2,000
Door ¥2,000


December (Jealous God / Mannequin / Blackest Ever Black) Akey Haru K (Equinox) Lynne
・December ALWAYS LOOKING OUT FOR NEW PROJECTS, TOMAS STARTED UP A NEW ALIAS LAST YEAR — DECEMBER. THE FIRST RE- LEASE, A TAPE, WAS RELEASED ON THE GREAT ENGLISH LA- BEL WHERE TO NOW? AND WAS THE BASIS OF A NEW SOUND. MORE RADICAL, RAW AND ADVENTUROUS, DECEMBER WID- ENS HIS MUSICAL SPECTRUM WITH A MYSTERIOUS EP RE- LEASED ON THE MUSICAL MECCA OF DARK SOULS, BLACK- EST EVER BLACK. A 12” EP HAS BEEN RELEASED IN OCTOBER ON WHERE TO NOW? AGAIN, INCLUDING A REMIX FROM HIS COMPADRE LOW JACK FOLLOWED BY A REMARKABLE SPLIT RELEASE ON PARIS’S MIGHTY IN PARADISUM. HIS LAST RE- CORD, THE JEALOUS GOD « ISSUE N°11 », RELEASED IN APRIL ON SILENT SERVANT’S ESSENTIAL IMPRINT IS PROBABLY HIS MOST PERSONAL TO DATE. EBM-ISH TECHNO, INDUSTRIAL ATMOSPHERES AND HAUNTING VOICES. HIS NEXT RELEASE IS ALREADY SCHEDULED ON ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING LABEL AT THE MOMENT, THE BERLIN-BASED MANNEQUIN RECORDS. ・Lynne Lynne is a female DJ based in Tokyo. In 2011 she became engrossed in drum & bass music and temporarily moved to London where she became more deeply connected with drum & bass culture. Since returning to Tokyo Lynne has been DJing regularly at an array of events across city. In March 2015 she cemented her reputation through wining the Samurai Music Mix Competition, which earned her a slot at their label night in London. Last year she was featured in the Electronic Exploration podcast Japan Special. Lynne's mixes are full of emotional content and explores experimental bass lines as a direct result of her drum & bass influence. Lynneは東京を拠点として活動する日本人DJ。 2011年よりドラムンベースを中心にベースミュージックに傾倒し、同時に渡英。ロンドンでの音楽体験を経て、帰国後にDJ活動をスタート。 2015年3月に行われたベルリン拠点のレーベルSamurai Music主催のDJ Competitionでは優勝し、ロンドンで行われたレーベルパーティーでプレイする。翌年にはElectronic Explorations Japan specialにフューチャーされ、ポッドキャストを提供。 ドラムンベースから派生した実験的なベースサウンドを自在に操り、エモーショナルなグルーヴに昇華させるのが彼女のプレイスタイル。 ・Haru K (Equinox) 宮城県出身、東京都在住のDJ。 アンダーグラウンドミュージック、アヴァン・エレクトロニクスの中毒者。 ジャンルやリズムの壁を越えた変則的でエクスペリメンタルなセットが特徴。 既成概念を打ち壊すオルタナティヴでアヴァンギャルドな世界観を志向して、個性派アーティストのLive、VJ、A/Vセットをフューチャーした「Equinox」を不定期に開催。