Day 2018.01.20.Sat

Open 23:59
Start 23:59

Adv ¥1,500
Door ¥1,500


Tetsumasa (Arboretum_SAIDAN) mu h (moph records) Koba Haru K (Equinox)
・Tetsumasa (Arboretum/SAIDAN) Tetsumasa is a Japanese electronic music producer originally from Nagoya City. Deeply inspired by Downtempo, Hip-Hop, Glitch, Dub and bass music in general, he started producing music under the alias of 'Devecly Bitte' delivering some full-length works for both European and Asian Labels back in the early 2000's. Currently based in Berlin since 2016, he recently signed 'ASA Ep' on his own Vinyl imprint 'SAIDAN', And 'Obake Ep' on focusing on visual art experiments 'Arboretum', which accurately portrayed his organic and deeply cinematic sounds-aesthetic also encompassing his affinity to the Industrial and Techno scene. Lately his Live Performances have been hosted at Urban Spree for Libel Null Berlin, SuperDeluxe, Griessmühle (Berlin), Soup and Spazio Rita. 名古屋出身の電子音楽家。Downtempo、Hip-Hop、Glitch、Dub、Bass musicに影響を受け音楽制作をスタート。Devecly Bitte名義でヨーロッパ、アジアのレーベルから2000年代初頭に複数の作品をリリース。 2016年からはベルリンに拠点に、自身のレーベルSAIDANから"ASA EP"をリリース、ベルリンの実験的ヴィジュアルアートレーベルArboretumから"Obake EP"をリリースしている。 先ごろではUrban Spree for Libel Null Berlin、Griessmühle、OHMでライブパフォーマンスをプレイ。