Beginning 22 - Stephanie Sykes

Day 2017.06.16.Fri

Open 23:59
Start 23:59

Adv ¥2,500
Door ¥2,500


Stephanie Sykes (Fullpanda) Chris SSG (MNML SSGS) circus (torus)
・STEPHANIE SYKES Born in Germany, now living in Manchester and raised on a diet of techno, a travel-laden up bringing combined with a natural penchant for experimental and diverse soundscapes have paved the foundations for Stephanie Sykes to develop a highly unique musical voice, one unrestricted by boundaries and defined by deviation. It was the move to Manchester that really helped her find stability, simultaneously providing the platform to explore greater musical virtues. After making her presence felt on the Manchester club scene at various different nights, it was playing at Continue at Sankeys that really ignited proceedings for Stephanie. After linking up with the multi-faceted Techno pioneer Dasha Rush, and a handful of demo tracks later, Stephanie was signed as an artist to Rush’s well-revered Fullpanda Records – a label that pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance music, built on deep, dark and musically emotive experimentation. Her first foray into the production world accumulated in a two-track contribution on Luna Tactus on Fullpanda, together with Swedish artist Fjader. Spanning hypnotic, sonic-fused experimental techno with a broody, ambient undercurrent, Stephanie’s two tracks – Perplex and Hypo – served as a fine introduction into her stylistically techno-blemished sound. This aesthetic carries over into her DJ sets, and explains why she’s been invited to grace the decks at places like Tresor and Corsica Studios; moreover, it’s led to a residency at Birmingham night Atomic Jam, one of the UKs best known and longest running techno nights. Her sonic presence as a DJ recently promoted Resident Advisor to award her Inner Escape Podcast as RA Mix of The Day. More recently Stephanie has been invited to work with 4D in Amsterdam – to be part of their residency ‘Techno is Space at Nachtlab in Amsterdam - for her first live performance. Substance, quality and diversity are the driving forces behind the enigmatic artist who has so far made a serious impact on the techno circuit in the early stages of her career. In both the studio and behind the decks Stephanie strives to bring a raw and gritty modern spin on ambient, techno and experimental electronica, carefully curated and skilfully arranged into one seamless journey. ・Chris SSG (MNML SSGS) Chris SSGと言えば、鋭い洞察力で的確な音楽批評を発信していた今は亡きMNML SSGSブログの創始者の一人だったことが一番良く知られているかもしれませんが、近年はオンライン上から東京のテクノシーンに活動の場を移し、MNML SSGSのイベントのオーガナイザー、非定期的に開催されているチルアウトパーティーSound Gardenのレジデントを務めています。ダンスミュージックという枠に囚われず、アンビエント、エクスペリメンタル、コスミックなサウンドをアブストラクトなテクノと織り交ぜながらDJ活動をし、Unit、Air、Dommune、Galaxy、SuperDeluxeなどの東京有名クラブの他に、FREEDOMMUNEやRuralなどのフェスにも出演。Chris SSGのニューヨークを拠点とする「Mysteries of the Deep」ミックスはClubbingSpainの2014年トップ10ミックスにも選ばれました。ブログとしてのMNML SSGSこそ廃止されてはいるものの、いつまでもMNML SSGSの美意識を、力強く刺激的な音楽を通して貫いています。 Chris SSG is best known as the co-founder of the now defunct MNML SSGS blog, recognized as a leading source of critical insight on electronic music. In recent years, he has moved from the online world into the Tokyo techno scene. As a DJ, Chris SSG eschews standard dancefloor music, instead focusing on a range of sounds from ambient, experimental, kosmische through to more abstract forms of techno. He has DJ’d at many major Tokyo clubs, including Unit, Air, Dommune, Galaxy, and SuperDeluxe, as well as at the FREEDOMMUNE and Rural festivals. His podcast for the New York based ‘Mysteries of the Deep’ series was included in Clubbing Spain’s top 10 mixes of 2014, and his podcast for Rob Booth’s ‘Electronic Exploration’ series was included in That Special Record’s ‘best of 2015’. In 2016 notable gigs included playing in the Elektroakustischer Salon as part of Berghain’s Silvester party, at Organik festival in Taiwan, and opening the Rural festival. ・circus (torus) 2004年にDrum’n’BassのDJとしてキャリアをスタート。その後、ダンスミュージックの高揚をループの中に見出しTechnoへ転向。 厳選されたトラックで編成されるDJは、インダストリアル・ミニマル・アシッドを内包した硬質なグルーヴを基調とし、絶えず密度を変化させながら世界観を構築してく。 SOLISTA@LIQUID LOFT、FANG@AIRのレジテントを経て、現在はDJのサウンドに重点を置き最小限のマテリアルでパーティーを構成する“torus”と、派生イベント“p.o.t”を主宰する。 DJing since 2004, Tokyo-based circus was originally interested in drum'n'bass music, but the tighter loop-based quality found in techno quickly changed his focus. Layering tracks containing elements of acid, minimalism, and industrial noise, circus creates epic soundscapes leading his listeners into unexplored areas.