Underground Consortium with Ed Isar

Day 2019.09.11.Wed

Open 18:00
Start 18:00

Adv ¥1,000
Door ¥1,000



Ed Isar (Musique Pour La Danse)



Modular Techno Live

Jason James


Ed Isar (Musique Pour La Danse)

パリ出身、在住のDJ。老舗クラブであるバトーファールで行われていた伝説的な「ブードゥーレイブナイト」や「33RPM + 8%」等パリのアンダーグラウンドダンスミュージックシーンで長年にわたって50以上のイベントを開催してきた。また、レーベルMental Grooveの一派であるMusique Pour La Danseの共同主宰者として、フランキー・ボーンズ、オーランド・ヴォーンやロ・マロンといった過去の偉大なアーティストの再発盤をプロデュース、マニアから支持を得た。2018年には新レーベルRemember 430を立ち上げ、新進気鋭のアーティストの発掘を進めている。 EdのDJセットは90〜140 BPMの範囲でさまざまなジャンル、時代、シーンを横断し融合させて有機的なグルーヴを醸し出すもので、パリ、フランス国内はもちろんヨーロッパの様々な都市でクラウドの魂に訴えるプレイをした実績を持つ。

Ed Isar is a sound explorer. Born in Paris, he started DJing in 2005 in London, starting with the minimal sound then in fashion in European clubs, but he quickly widened his musical horizons thanks to his keen and curious ear. After a few years in the UK and the US, he returned to his native city. Over the years, he has been involved with several labels and collectives: in the past Get The Curse initially, then Cosmo Vitelli’s label I’m a Cliché. He was also responsible for the now legendary Voodoo Rave nights at Batofar, and he runs 33RPM +8% with which he organized more than 50 events in Paris’ underground over the years.

Today, he is the co-manager of Musique Pour La Danse, a label part of the Mental Groove family which also includes WRWTFWW Records. Their releases and reissues focus on forgotten and unforgettable music. This includes material by Frankie Bones, Orlando Voorn, proto UK Hardcore legends Break The Limits and Belgian New Beat pioneer Ro Maron. More recently the label has released exclusive content by Dirk Desaever and Coil which has not gone unnoticed by music lovers, DJs and the press. Ed Isar also launched Remember 430 in 2018, a label devoted instead to up and coming artists who have not yet enjoyed the spotlight. The label’s most recent release, an LP by Portuguese artist Emauz who is partly based in Fukuoka has received great initial reception and support from DJs and the media.

Musically, what defines Ed’s sets is an eclectic and plural approach to music and dance. House, techno, jakbeat, mutant disco, EBM, wave, electro, breakbeat, trance, progressive, hardcore, bleep, new beat and ambient are his go-to genres. Depending on the context, on the time of the day or night and most importantly on the energy coming from the dancefloor, his sets can range from 90 to 140 BPM, exploring different genres, eras and scenes and joining the dots between them. He is always looking for records that cater to the body, the mind and the soul, from deep and dreamy melodies to more visceral and nervous grooves and everything in between.

He has played countless gigs in the European underground over the years. Notable gigs in the last few years include playing all night on Concrete’s Woodfloor (twice before the club closed), Lux in Lisbon, FUSE in Brussels, Nante’s Goûter Electronique and Saint-Etienne’s Positive Education Festival. He has played on the same night as too many acts to mention, but those that come to mind include Altern 8 / Mark Archer, Front de Cadeaux, Photonz, Violet, Robert Hood, Frank Dewulf, Umwelt, Cosmo Vitelli and Lena Willikens. The calibre and diversity of this list speaks for itself.

A longtime Japan enthusiast Ed’s trip to Japan is a dream come true, only surpassed by the opportunity to encounter and exchange with a Japanese crowd. He couldn’t be more excited to play in Tokyo!